FreedomPay is the easiest way to pay

Never worry about going to the ATM, carrying change or signing receipts again. FreedomPay is more secure than carrying around cash or cards. Once you register your account, we will issue a replacement for any lost or stolen cards. FreedomPay enables you to make purchases at any FreedomPay location. You can choose your funding amount and funding limit, fund on a schedule or fund when your account balance hits a pre-determined limit.

With FreedomPay you are:

  • Free to never need cash again
  • Free to get through the line quickly
  • Free to never sign a receipt again

Fund your account in multiple ways:

  • Bank Account
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit/Debit Cards

Most of our members choose automatic funding from their bank accounts, allowing them to
‘set it and forget it.’